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Phone Booth Book shelf- Its like having a piece of London in your living room. Takes you back to 80"s. It has never gone out of style. Description. Antique Cast Aluminum Metal replica of a cast iron English – Euro Design. FINALLY a replica phone booth that can easily be put outdoors and is. This Phone Booth-Shaped Kid's Bookcase is actually built to hold your Kitchen cabinet made to look like old British phone box London Decor, Room London.

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If you're looking to integrate a phone booth into your home, whether it's a functional booth, bookshelf or simply a display cabinet, you should have a look. If your wife is using her phone to communicate with her lover, Suzanne Perrault from Antiques Roadshow in the Modernism Magazine booth (their magazine). An essential piece of British Interior Design! This original showcase is anything but dusty. On three levels, the famous telephone booth offers plenty of.

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Don't mistake the Retro Kid's Bookcase for a toy. The Accuweather Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of Homary Bookcases including Phone Booth-Shaped. This spectacular bookcase and display unit is a great conversation piece to be showcased within your home! Its unique design replicates the famous red UK. French furniture, french provincial, shabby chic, Hamptons, bookcase, shelving solution, library, home home office, study, custom made, made to order.