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What makes our anchor points stand out is that they're easy and practical to use so they provide maximum protection. Each safety harness anchor point is. Fall arrest roof anchor points system is considered the last line of defense against a fall. When working at heights and using anchor points, it is vital that. They are used as anchor points for personal fall arrest systems (PSA) acc. to EN After installation, harnesses can be attached into them. These anchor.

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As an essential element of a fall protection system, anchor points are normally installed on the roof, I-beams, columns, rebars, scaffolding, or other. ANKAme the ONLY fully compliant permanent & temporary roof anchors TESTED NATA accredited for testing roof anchor points to AS/NZS | ANKAme fall. Safety Harness Anchor Point (Single Person) QSi Safety single person free fall arrest anchor point. Customer Reviews and Ratings No Reviews. Be the first to.

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Anchor points should be designed to support the applied loads and must be Consider connecting the fall arrestor directly to the harness D hook to. Often, anchor points are referred to as fall protection anchor points. Our products are tested by a division of Safe Work NSW, to hold 15km of load . The fall arrest systems being used with the anchors should provide energy absorbers, or other means, that limit the peak load on the harness connection and thus.