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In most cases, your buy-to-let mortgage will be considered a type of commercial loan. Having said that, a small number will be considered personal finance and. Surplus personal income allows Accord to offer BTL loans to landlords who are remortgaging a rental property but are unable to meet our affordability. Buy to let (BTL) mortgages are for landlords who want to buy property to rent it out. Applying for a buy to let mortgage is a fairly similar process to a.

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Mortgage deals to suit your needs - we only offer deals which are self-financing which means the income you generate from the property has to cover the mortgage. Own your property and own your mortgage. Our deals flex when you need them to, putting you in control. Free legal and valuation fees. Our buy-to-let remortgage. If you're considering investing in property for rental purposes, an option is to take out a buy to let (BTL) mortgage. A buy to let mortgage is a loan used.

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A buy-to-let mortgage is a mortgage for a property you're renting to someone else – as opposed to a residential mortgage, which is meant for a property you'll. A buy-to-let mortgage normally requires a larger deposit than a residential mortgage. You may face larger upfront fees and pay a higher rate of interest. You. Remortgaging a Buy to Let is when you switch to a new mortgage on a property you rent out. It could involve moving to a different lender or staying with.