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4. Breed standards: The breed standards of the Friesian are quite strict. The breed admits specimens that, at the withers, have a height between and Mission: To Protect & Promote he KFPS Friesian Horse in North America Fhana Fhana. Valuable breeding information and membership information available. The friesian is an old and majestic horse breed originating in the province Friesland in the Netherlands, but swiftly rising in popularity in the rest of.

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The Friesian horse had to compete with the heavy horse breeds. The dancing 'show horses' of the landed farmers were in fact less suited for heavy work. Farmers. As well as being a very old breed, the Friesian horse has to be seen as the only surviving indigenous breed in the Netherlands. Originally, the Friesian. The Friesian Horse holds its head high and proud with an arching neck. The animated gait is natural. Selective breeding is used to achieve the active hock.

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The Friesian horse has a long and romantic history. The breed was developed many centuries ago in Friesland, in northwestern Europe, which is now a part of. Registered Friesian horses are always black, from deep jet black to a bay black. White markings are not allowed on the body or the legs. They have long, thick. The Friesian breed is one of the oldest domesticated breeds in Europe, originated in the Province of Friesland in the Netherlands. Although the breed's.